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Riwayat Pendidikan

1 S1 Universitas Sebelas Maret 2006-01-07
2 S2 Universitas Gadjah Mada 2009-04-29
3 S3 LIMOGES 2014-04-24

Riwayat Penelitian

1 2020 Does too much Transparency Good or Harm for Economic Growth in Developing Countries? Evidence from Panel Data Analysis PNBP
2 2020 The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Environmental Degradation in Developing Countries: Does Institutional Quality Matter? PNBP
3 2020 Pelatihan Keuangan Digital dan Technopreneurship PNBP
4 2019 Does Fintech Online Direct Lending really compete with Banks? PNBP
5 2019 Energy Finance in Indonesia: Financing Structure, Transfer of Funds and Contribution to Local Communities PNBP
6 2019 Kinerja Perusahaan: Peran Modal Sosial dan Karakteristik Top Management Team DIKTI
7 2019 Deposit Insurance in Indonesia: Role, Regulation, Banking Risk and Financial Stability DIKTI
8 2019 Market Structure, Access to Financing and Government Policy DIKTI
9 2018 Energy Finance In Indonesia: Financing Structure, Transfer Of Funds And Contribution To Local Communities KI- UNS
10 2018 Energy Finance In Indonesia: Financing Structure, Transfer Of Funds And Contribution To Local Communities
11 2018 Does Financial Deepening Industrializaton Processes In Indonesia
12 2017 Does Financial Deepening Boost Industrialization Processes In Indonesia?
13 2017 Corporate Political Activity And Social Performance
14 2016 How Do Households Confront With Financial Distress? Evidence From An Experimental Study
15 2016 Deposit Structure And Incentives For Risk Taking
16 2016 Managing And Enhancing The Quality Of Academic Journals In UNS
17 2016 Regional Banks And Development: Does Local Governance Matter?
18 2016 A Comprehensive Stress Test For Indonesian Banks
19 2015 Deposit Insurance, Bank Liquidity, Market Discipline And Equity Ownership Structure
20 2014 Grabbing Hand: Political Influences In Business And Economic In Indonesia
21 2014 Local Institutional Development And Interest Margin
22 2012 Does Indonesian Firms Pay Their Executives Based On Performance? BLU UNS
23 2012 A Comprehensive Research On Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises: Strategies, Privatization, Strategic Leadership, Governance, And Performance BLU UNS
24 2012 Analisis Strategi Diversifikasi Perusahaan Di Indonesia: Determinan Serta Pengaruhnya Pada Kinerja Dan Struktur Industri BLU UNS

Riwayat Publikasi

1 2017 Ownership Structure and Dividend Policy in Indonesia Journal of Asia Business Studies
2 2017 Policy Burdens of Development Banks: Evidence from Indonesia Corporate Ownership and Control
3 2017 Corporate Failure Prediction Model in Indonesia: Revisiting the Z-Scores, Discriminant Analysis, Logistic Regression and Artificial Neural Network Journal for Global Business Advancement (Inderscience)
4 2017 Women in Top Management and Bank Performance: Evidence from Indonesia Indonesian Capital Market Review
5 2017 CEO Turnover and Firm Performance in Indonesia Indonesian Capital Market Review Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia
6 2017 How Ready Are People for Cashless Society? Jurnal Keuangan dan Perbankan
7 2017 Is The Effect of A Political Event More Pronounced For Government - Controlled Firms Journal of Economics, Business, and Accountancy Ventura
8 2017 Human Development, Banking Development and The Quality of Local Government: The Case of Indonesia STIE PERBANAS Surabaya
9 2017 Households, Financial Distress, and Predatory Lending: An Experimental Study Jurnal Keuangan dan Perbankan
10 2017 Market Reaction to the Fed Quantitative Easing Policy: Indonesian Evidence Sebelas Maret Business Review
11 2017 A Recent Literature Review on Corporate Political Connections Jurnal Dinamika Manajemen
12 2017 Politically Connected Banks: Some Indonesian Evidence International Journal of Business and Society
13 2017 Local Institutional Development and Cost of Financial Intermediation: Evidence from Indonesia International Journal of Business
14 2017 Organisational Tenure and Bank Diversification: A Replication Journal for Global Business Advancement
15 2016 Managerial Risk Appetite, And Money Market. Virtus Interpress
16 2016 Diversification and Bank Performance: Do TMT Characteristics Matter? Advanced Science Letters
17 2016 Deposit Insurance and Bank Liquidity: Does Ownership Structure Matter Indonesian Capital Market Review
18 2016 Behavior of State-Owned Banks: The Case of Indonesia Advanced Science Letters
19 2016 Financial Literacy and Engagement in Banking Journal of Economics & Economic Education Research
20 2015 Depositors Behavior Under Different Deposit Insurance Coverage: Evidence From Indonesia Allied Academies
21 2015 Political Connections, Bank Deposits and Formal Deposit Insurance Journal Of Financial Stability
22 2015 Determinants of Cross Regional Disparity In Financial Deepening: Evidence from Indonesian Provinces Economics Bulletin
23 2015 Why Households Borrow from Informal Predatory Lenders: Evidence From Indonesia Allied Academies
24 2014 Performance of Family-Controlled Banks: Do Political Connection Matter? Applied Economics Letters
25 2014 State-Owned Enterprises, Eficiency, and Performance: Case Of Indonesia International Business Management
26 2014 Local Governance And Corruption: Some Indonesian Evidence Corporate Ownership and Control
27 2013 Why Have Bank Interest Margins Been So High in Indonesia since the 1997/1998 Crisis? Research in International Business and Finance Research In International Business and Finance
28 2011 The Efficiency of Public Service Obligation for Food Subsidy in Indonesia: Review of Cost Structure Analysis Perspective of Innovations, Economics, and Business
29 2011 The Effect of Mispricing on Investment of Indonesian Firms: Do Financial Constraints Matter? Middle Eastern Finance and Economics
30 2011 Overconfidence and Excessive Trading Behavior: An Experimental Study International Journal of Business and Management
31 2011 Psychographic and Investor Behavior in Indonesia Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business
32 2010 Corporate Governance, Ownership and Performance of Indonesian Banks Fokus Manajerial

Riwayat Pengabdian

1 2018 Ownership Structure, Publicness and Bank Performance: Some Indonesian Evidence. IbM
2 2017 Does Religiosity Favor For Islamic Banks' Profitability, Lending, and Economic Development IbM
3 2016 Pelatihan Literasi Keuangan Usaha Mikro dan Masyarakat Desa dalam Kerangka Inklusi Keuangan serta untuk Mengurangi Ketergantungan pada Rentenir PPS UNS
4 2015 Does Market React to Banks' Bad Behavior? IbMI
5 2015 To be a Well-Governed and Internationally Recognized Research Group KLN
6 2014 Bureaucrats and Politicians in the Upper Echelons of Firms PPI UNS

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1 Manajemen Keuangan Iii
2 Manajemen Keuangan Internasional
3 Metode Penelitian Bisnis
4 Seminar Dan Ujian Proposal

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